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Know about casino royale poker; know about James Bond first. Casino Royale James Bond is the first novel of the series by Ian Fleming. It was first published by Jonathan Cape in the month of April 1953. This novel has inspired many a screenplay. There was even a spoof in 1967 featuring David Niven. Then there was a television series titled “climax! CBS.” Barry Nelson played the CIA agent, imitating the style of the novel’s character.

And in modern times, we have a Hollywood blockbuster under the same name. It was released in November 2006. This was the 21st movie in the EON Productions series of movies. Daniel Craig played the lead character.

The Story That Inspired Casino Royale Poker

The characters include Monsieur Le Chiffre. He is the treasurer of a trade union located in the Alsace-Lorraine area in France. The union is backed by the Soviets. He runs a baccarat game in a casino located at Royale-Les-Eaux in France. His motive is to get back the union money that he lost when his chain of brothels shut down.

Then there is the hero Casino Royale James Bond who is an expert baccarat player. This British secret agent 007 is assigned the task of beating Le Chiffre in the game.

The lead character has an assistant. She is a beauty, but a bit unstable emotionally. Her name is Vesper Lynd. Her role takes an interesting twist at the end when the hero gets to know that she has betrayed him. It was she who had planned the hero’s capture by Le Chiffre. The hero is tortured by the nasty villain. However, he does not get a chance to avenge the betrayal, as, by the time he gets to her, she is already dead through an overdose of sleeping pills.

The most captivating part is the casino royale poker game that is played for hours between the hero and Le Chiffre. Of course, the hero defeats Le Chiffre. But, the moves and strategies shown in the movie have a profound impact on the lovers of this game.

There has been a sudden hush in the air about casino royale poker and its strategies in the style of the lead character. Now, everyone wants to know how exactly the lead character wins the game. Some people may dismiss the movie game to be all hype and comprising of impossible strategies that work only in ideal gaming conditions. However, a major chunk of the audience is more interested in playing the game royal style.

The baccarat game is the major attraction of the movie as well as the novel. There are readers who have put down the book as soon as the game gets over! As for the movie, well, the elements of interest are interwoven in each scene making the viewers continue to grab their seats until the lead character reports to HQ saying, “the bitch is dead now.”

Never before had casino royale poker been as famous as now. The internet is loaded with all sorts of information about this blockbuster and its game. Whether it’s the strategies, the chips, the tricks, the rules, or just the style of the character, log online and feel the royalty descending upon you as you play baccarat in the 007 styles!